Programs & Services

As the largest housing agency in Western Canada, you can leverage our experience and expertise to help build capacity in your housing agency. 

  • Need advice on best-practice procurement practices specific to the housing sector? We can help you.
  • We provide a customized pricing schedule for all our clients. We can bundle services or provide you with individual services and products, depending on your specific needs. 

We have expertise in several areas of the housing sector including:

  • Management Consulting Services in the Real Estate Sector

    We offer management consulting services to public and private sector organizations that seek to improve their business processes while providing the right experience for their customers.

    We are certified Independent Yardi consultants and specialize in successfully implementing Yardi Voyager software for both commercial and social housing property management companies.

    Our methodology includes:

    1. Understanding the business/organization’s vision and strategic objectives
    2. Identifying current business processes, issues, and gaps within current operations
    3. Identifying efficiencies and building future processes,
    4. Implementation of property management software and
    5. Change management adoption of system and processes for the business/organization

    Please contact us for any of your organization’s consulting and/or IT implementation needs such as:

    • Business Case Development – develop the rationale and justification for implementing the Property Management Solution
    • Project Advisory Services – guide the organization through the implementation of the Property Management Solution and Post Implementation Support
    • Project Implementation Services – carry out implementation services for the Property Management Solution
    • Systems Support Services – support organizations that have already implemented property Management Solution
    • Systems Assessment and Maturity – assess whether Property Management Solution is helping the organization meet its objectives
  • Procurement Services
    • Procure goods, services and construction in compliance with trade agreements.
    • Advise on the form of contract.
    • For construction, advise on the most beneficial project delivery method: Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Construction Management.
    • Prepare procurement and contract documents: Expressions of Interest (EOI), Request for Qualification (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), unit price contract, lump sum contract, standing offer, prime consultant contract, specialty consultant contract, construction contract.
    • Manage procurement processes, including the assembly of documents, issue, response to industry enquiries, receipt of bids and proposals, evaluation, negotiation, and award recommendation.
    • Train staff in best practices in Canadian public procurement.
  • Asset Management and Capital Development

    Asset / facility management

    We offer a full suite of asset management services to any organization that builds, operates or maintains residential, and/or commercial facilities. By leveraging our experienced team of project managers and facility maintenance professionals, we are able to provide full life cycle management of facilities including design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal. We also offer building condition and lifecycle assessments, budget control, monitoring, and reporting, on-demand facility maintenance, 24/7 call centre management, fixed asset management for tracking fixed assets and many more.

    Capital maintenance management:

    We offer budget forecast, capital projects prioritization for both short and long term planning. We prepare renovation / replacement scopes of work in the form of technical specifications. We manage awarded projects successfully against approved budgets. Dealing with multiple funding sources including the government funding for projects is one of our strong experience area. For all government funded projects, we provide on time schedule and budget reporting for projects that are tendered publicly and awarded either internally or through the government.

    Project management services (capital projects)

    We offer project management services ensuring support for our clients throughout the full project lifecycle. Through a team-based collaborative approach, our project management professionals utilize industry best standards, tools and practices to maintain a consistent focus on your organization’s project budget, objectives and operational efficiency

    Contract administrator

    We work on contracts to ensure accurate specification and scopes of work are created to procure services/projects. We provide assistance when interpreting contracts during project management, referencing specifications/scope of work and costs. We review contracts to ensure the services are being used appropriately and make necessary suggestions for improvement and manage expiring services or project, and plan for preparation to be procured.


    Services provided under pre-development include:

    1. Business case development – We assist clients in planning development projects including portfolio assessment and proforma development.
      • Executive summary
      • Project feasibility
      • Proforma and preliminary budget creation
      • Possible funding sources
      • Grant and funding request submission
      • Strategic capital planning
    2. Financial services – In liaison with third-party brokers, we assist clients in obtaining financing for their development projects.
      • Portfolio financial assessment
      • Preliminary project cost estimate
      • Access to lenders
      • Assistance with financing applications
      • Assistance with available grant applications
    1. Community engagement – We assist clients in planning a community engagement plan and executing this plan for their development projects.
      • Prepare community engagement plan
      • Attend community engagement sessions