Past Projects

Property management software implementation for community housing.

The Project Management Team was engaged by a community housing provider to implement the core modules of a property management software.  The Project Management Team follows the North American recognized standard in project management established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and, therefore, followed best practices for the implementation.

Project Charter and Process Mapping

A critical component of this project was the development of a project charter. The charter outlines roles and responsibilities and confirms the scope of the project and the project’s governance structure. Change management support was also provided at this point and continued throughout the life of the project. This helped the community housing provider plan ahead for key project milestones and support with communications to all staff to ensure open lines of communication about the implementation which would greatly impact their day-to-day work.

Working with the client’s assigned Project Sponsor and within the established governance structure, the Project Management Team then engaged in business process mapping. This step engages the business areas within the housing provider and helps to ensure that any system configurations are done in alignment with processes. This step also helps to identify opportunities to improve or refine processes, working towards greater operational efficiency, part of the overall goal for the implementation.

System Configuration and Testing

Once the processes were confirmed, the Project Management Team, working with the community housing provider began to conduct system configuration.  As part of testing the new system elements, the business areas co-develop scenarios based on real life events to be used for user acceptance testing.  This ensures the configuration remains true to the expectations and needs of the business areas and gives those involved exposure to the new software components.

Communication and Change Management

Given the significant impact of the implementation, considerable attention was given to communication and change management. In addition to regular updates to all employees via email, newsletters and posters, all impacted staff were provided hands-on training prior to the implementation go-live.

Any issues that arose throughout the project would be reported back within the project’s governance structure and to the Project Sponsor. This helped to identify when there was scope creep as well as when prioritization of different elements needed to be revised.

At implementation, the Project Management Team remains on alert for any implementation challenges and manages any issues that arise. They also provide post-implementation support for a couple of weeks following the go-live date to address any latent issues.


We engaged Juncture to assist in the analysis of our accounts payable and vendor management processes for Yardi. They reviewed and documented current and future state process maps, requirements, and identified gaps and provided us a roadmap of the improvement opportunities. We were also able to use the road map for accounts payable and vendor management processes to drive improvements with the Yardi vendor and within our own team.

They did an outstanding job and have a great team of professionals required for a successful system implementation and process improvement.
Khurram Hudda, Controller, Ayre & Oxford
We worked with Juncture's Capital Development Team. From the beginning, we knew we were in expert hands. Their full-support team’s expertise in capital development, large-scale project management and procurement supported all stages of our project, and ensured compliance to all public-entity procurement regulations. Their attention to detail was excellent, and we felt incredibly supported throughout the process. Working with Juncture gave us the confidence to make effective decisions about capital development projects now and in the future.
Nancy Simmonds, CPA, CA, Chief Executive Officer, Heartland Housing Foundation