Juncture is an independent profit-for-purpose consultancy and advisory services organization. We provide contract professional services to clients in the housing sector, and real estate management and real estate development sectors. Our goal is to help organizations build improved foundations to support better decision making and service delivery by transforming current business practices to better meet client needs.

The revenue we generate through contract services are reinvested in affordable housing to provide social, near-market and market housing options for Edmontonians. We understand that having a home is an opportunity for people to better their lives and we reinvest our revenues to make this goal possible.

Our History

Recognized as a leader in the community housing sector, Capital Region Housing was sought after for its expertise in implementing systems, project management (both IT and construction), procurement and financial services. Our experts are familiar with housing sector challenges and opportunities, as well as having knowledge of the current state of the sector.



In response to the increasing demand for its services, a subsidiary profit-for-purpose organization was created to house the services provided externally to public and private sector clients in a variety of areas. This profit-for-purpose organization, Juncture, exists to provide services to strengthen the capacity of the sector as well as develop other means of supporting the mandate of providing safe and affordable housing now and in the future.